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Xusheng Musical Instrument has only one belief: to look forward to your choice with extraordinary musical experience and perfect expression.
B20 Cymbals
B20 Dreamer series
B20 Zero Series
B20 Earl series
B20 Heat series
Brass Cymbals
Golden Silent Cymbals
Red color mute cymbals
Black color mute cymbals
Vansircymbals B8
Alloy cymbals Splash 8"-10"
Silver Silent Cymbals
Vansir Cymbals
Vansir cymbals
Alloy gold color cymbals
Vansir cymbals
Vansir Cymbals
Vansir cymbals
Alloy PRC 14HH-16C-18C-20R
B8 series Cymbals
B8 series
Vansircymbals Bronze B20 Zero
Vansircymbals Brass cymbals
Alloy PRC 16"C , 18"C , 20"R

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