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Zhangqiu XuSheng Musical Instrument Factory is a family specializing in the production of brass percussion instruments.
Since my great-grandfather made bronze musical instruments in the Qing Dynasty, it has gone through three dynasties. We are the oldest bronze percussion instruments manufacturer in China and have a long history of manufacturing processes.
As time proceeds, we have combined the traditional hand made with the advanced production facilities to develop excellent manufacturing processes. With new formulas researching in recent ten years, we have created high-class goods, so that you have an extraordinary musical experience.
In our continuous improvement and innovation, we have developed products suitable for different music styles. They all have good expression and high music quality, to lead you into the real music hall.
To look forward to your choice with extraordinary musical experience and perfect expression.


Our products are all hand-made and semi-hand-made products combined with Chinese and Western craftsmanship and facilities, and have been praised by many domestic and foreign music masters. Today, our products have spread all over the country and have been sold round the world, which greatly promoted the development of percussion art.

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