VANSIR ends perfectly at the Shanghai Exhibition 2019!
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VANSIR ends perfectly at the Shanghai Exhibition 2019!

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In this exhibition, VANSIR cymbals became a popular candidate, and Visitors are also enthusiastic. A continuous flow of visitors made the exhibition scene exciting. Visitors can not only feel the VANSIR products more intuitively, but also deeply feel the enthusiasm of percussion, with a full harvest and a persistent mood. VANSIR ends perfectly at the Shanghai Exhibition.

By this exhibition, VANSIR cymbals has been favored by many visitors, especially for VANSIR's original products. Many percussion enthusiasts show their skills in live performances, expressing their inner love. There are also many partners who came to negotiate business from all over the world. This is an affirmation of VANSIR.

Every visitor who came to the VANSIR exhibition area was able to receive the warmest welcome. Here is not only a partner, but also a friend worth caring for.

This Shanghai International Musical Instrument Exhibition has come to an end. No matter how brilliant the results were yesterday. Today, tomorrow and even in the future, VANSIR will maintain its unique feelings for the cymbals, and make great achievements for the majority of percussion lovers. And look forward to more encounters together.

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